scientific name:

Scophthalmus maximus

MCS Sustainability Rating:

MCS Rating What's this?

Origin/capture area:

Shetland, North Sea

The Marine Conservation Society has developed a system to help consumers choose the most environmentally sustainable fish. Fish to Eat are rated 1 and 2, Ratings 3 and 4 mean don’t eat too often. Fish to consider avoiding are rated 5.


The turbot is a large left-eyed flatfish found primarily close to shore in sandy shallow waters throughout the North Atlantic and North Sea. The European turbot has an asymmetrical disk-shaped body, and has been known to grow up to 100 cm long and 25 kg in weight. Turbot has a bright white flesh that retains this appearance when cooked and is highly prized for its delicate flavour.

Product Types

Whole Fish - Fresh

Box weight: 5Kg

  • 1 - 2Kg

Whole Fish - Fresh

Box weight: 10Kg

  • 2 - 3Kg
  • 3 - 4Kg
  • 4 - 5Kg
  • 5 - 6Kg
  • 6Kg+