scientific name:

Loligo forbesi

MCS Sustainability Rating:

MCS Rating What's this?

Origin/capture area:

Shetland, North Sea

The Marine Conservation Society has developed a system to help consumers choose the most environmentally sustainable fish. Fish to Eat are rated 1 and 2, Ratings 3 and 4 mean don’t eat too often. Fish to consider avoiding are rated 5.


Atlantic squid, also known as Calamari, is the world’s best loved cephalopod. The squid lives at depths of 10 to 500 meters and can range in size from 100g to 1kg. Once cleaned and prepared, they can be grilled or fried in cooking oil either plain or battered. The arms, tentacles, and ink are also edible; the only parts not eaten are the beak and pen. Squid is a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Product Types

Whole Fish - Fresh

Box weight: 3Kg

  • 50 - 80g
  • 100 - 300g
  • 300 - 500g
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