scientific name:

Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis

MCS Sustainability Rating:

MCS Rating What's this?

Origin/capture area:

Shetland, North Sea

The Marine Conservation Society has developed a system to help consumers choose the most environmentally sustainable fish. Fish to Eat are rated 1 and 2, Ratings 3 and 4 mean don’t eat too often. Fish to consider avoiding are rated 5.


Megrim’s are caught throughout Northeast Atlantic and the North Sea. They can grow up to 60 cm in length.  It is left-eyed, has a slightly larger head than usual in other flatfish like plaice or lemon sole, and with a narrower body. The dorsal and anal fins are relatively short and start far back on the body. The colouration is usually light brown with dark spots across the body and dark grey fins. The megrim prefers a sandy or muddy sea floor and they are predators eating small fish, squid and crustaceans. In France and Spain they are a highly prized and can be cooked in a number of different ways including grilling, baking, frying and poaching.    

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