Welcome to QA Fish Limited.

QA Fish Limited is a fish processing and sales company based in a prime location adjacent to the Scalloway fish market and harbour, on the west coast of the Shetland Isles. The company operates with a small team of experienced staff headed by its two directors Robert Williamson & Gordon Johnson both of whom have a long association with the fisheries industries and previous careers as fishermen.

QA...? Quality Assured!

The name QA (Quality Assured) Fish Limited, is a strong indicator of the importance that the team applies to its products and by its location ensures that only the freshest of raw material is sourced from local vessels, farms and markets daily.  The company prides itself on the ability to dispatch from Shetland all orders and products on the same day as it has been sourced from its reliable and approved suppliers.  The QA Fish team is dedicated to providing the product, service and personal attention required to ensure customer satisfaction in all aspects of the business.